Our Story

NY Steak Shack was created out of the aspiration to offer AFFORDABLE steaks to consumers, as opposed to restaurants specializing in serving steaks which describe themselves as “steakhouses” and are therefore perceived as PREMIUM.
Often regarded as the epicenter of America's multiculturalism, New York City is home to hundreds of different cultures which makes the city so lively and special. Given the vast array of food choices, we took food beyond expectations in the way it TASTES in an ambience that is inspired by NY City.
NY Steak Shack - a NY City inspired fast casual restaurant concept, is where you can satisfy your cravings for Steaks, Burgers and Shakes at an affordable value.
The first NY Steak Shack restaurant opened in July 2014. Since then, we have grown our presence rapidly in the country.

Today we can proudly say that NY Steak Shack is the first steak shack in Malaysia to receive HALAL certification from JAKIM.
Serving a variety of affordable sizzling sensations – steaks (beef, lamb, poultry, seafood), burgers, pasta and platters freshly made to order, diners can grab their all-time favourites - simple yet tasty food at NY Steak Shack.
Every cut of meat, vegetables, herbs and spices is served in the very best of QUALITY possible

Our Menu

Affordable sizzling sensations to satisfy your cravings!

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